The objective of SmartNets is to provide high-level training into the functioning of biological networks to a new generation of early stage researchers, to provide them with the skills necessary for thriving careers in a burgeoning area that underpins innovative technological development across a range of diverse disciplines. This goal will be achieved by a unique combination of “hands-on” research training, non-academic placements (industrial and non-profit organisations) and courses and workshops on both scientific and complementary -so-called “soft”- skills facilitated by the academic-non-academic composition of the consortium. SmartNets brings together neuroscientists, behavioural and cognitive scientists, physicists, computer scientists, and non-profit stakeholders in order to train the next generation of data scientists that will: 1) develop a fundamental understanding of the relationship between structure and function in biological networks and 2) translate this knowledge into novel technological solutions. The researchers will develop a unique interdisciplinary set of skills that will make them capable of analyzing networks at many levels and for many systems.

Team: Researchers

There are 13 PhD students across 5 countries and 6 institutes working to understand biological network computations.